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We are elated to announce the LIVE launch of the Sexy Genius website! We have poured days, weeks, months and now years into clearly defining our Mission | Vision. “It Takes a Village” has a whole new meaning to us. We are grateful to all who supported us, counseled us and jumped in to model our products!

Beyond the professional challenges of building a global brand, we, as a couple, each with Neurodivergent minds found it emotionally challenging to align and communicate all of our ideas with clarity and patience. As deadlines came and went over this past year we recognized that our differing brain wiring was impeding our progress. Since Sexy Genius was founded as a result of our personal struggles with ADHD and Aspergers, we felt there is a benefit in sharing tools and strategies that we developed, as we’ve found very little information to support us. As a romantic couple living and working together we were desperate to find strategies to help us cope through this process.

This platform is built for you; we want to provide a superior product with a respectfully provocative message that stirs conversation about what it is to be on the spectrum. We invite you to take a look around the site and share your candid feedback.

As we continue to build out our platform we would welcome your feedback. Let us know what you find helpful, what you enjoyed and what suggestions you might have to improve your experience.

Brian & Victoria

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